There are a lot of reasons to get involved in the blog advertising world. The Internet and blog advertising in particular, methods of getting exposure for your company, products, or services has quickly become the most popular form of advertising, even eclipsing television and radio as the new media of choice. Companies big and small have jumped on the bandwagon and have begun to advertise on blogs because it is not only cheaper than almost any other media form around, it is vastly more effective.

When a company selects a print media to showcase their products they get exposure in that market alone. Most newspaper and magazine display ads are extremely expensive. There are less costly print media methods such as press releases but they are not as expensive as a picture ad. You can also hope some willing reporter will pick up on your story and print it but even then your exposure is usually limited to the circulation of that paper or magazine and it only appears ONCE.

When you advertise on blogs you not only get individually written reviews of your products and services they are GLOBAL. The write ups are visible for the life of the blog and are easily searchable when someone types your keyword into a search engine anywhere in the world. If a company has the financial resources to pay for televised commercials many of the same parameters that govern print media still apply. Unless your pockets are deep it is unlikely you will be able to afford commercial spots that cover more than your local area. If you can get national coverage it is still usually relegated to your specific country.

Blogs are global. You will achieve the same worldwide marketing as the 'big boys' who can afford to span the globe with high-priced media marketing. Even those huge conglomerates have seen the light and come over to blog advertising. The marketing cost savings are tremendous and the exposure is just as great if not greater than any other media - who ISN'T online? Consumers now spend 85% of their shopping dollars online and even if they are planning on buying offline they search for the products first on the Internet. Let them find YOU, and let them hear about your products in one of the most socially acceptable ways possible. Consumers trust blogger write ups much more than the gimmicky splash ads, flashy banners, and slick white pages. Each of your advertisements written in a blog post comes straight from that particular blogger's style of writing and is unique and compelling.

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