Always looking for anything that will help increase the traffic to my blog I recently came across a site called Blogging Beginners .

At first I didn't think much about it since I already had a blog up and I am no longer a beginner but after reading the page I found out that they offered much more than the normal, "Go to and start a blog" that everybody is charging outrageous prices for.

They not only offer the basic set up your blog knowledge that you can find all over the internet but the also show you all those little things that have been holding you back.

Randy The Hermit (one of the founders of the site) is a search engine optimization expert and he shows you how to configure your blog for the search engines. What plugins you should have, how to set up your permalinks, even how to find a niche and do your keyword research and this just scratches the surface of what you get.

Wizzer (the other founder of Blogging Beginners) will explain to you what RSS is, how to use it and how to give some one a bonus for signing up to your RSS feed. Then he takes you into building a list with your blog and why and how to use Twitter.

All the videos are easy to follow and they put them in a PDF format. I had never seen videos in a PDF file before and I had to upgrade my PDF reader to watch them but I like it. All the resources are right under the video and just a click away and the best part is, if you want to watch something from the 29th minute of a 40 minute video you don’t have to wait for the whole video to download again. You just open it up and go to the spot you want by dragging the control bar. They have a video online that shows you how to do this.

They also provide you with content for your blog. Every month they give you ten new niches you can choose to work with and twenty five posts for each niche which can save you a lot of work.

I thought I was an experienced blogger but I opened their Fast Start Guide and went through it quickly and I was surprised at what I didn’t know. I was also surprise at the guide it takes you from knowing nothing to having your own blog up and running, optimized for the search engines and customized for you in an easy to follow step by step process.

But I haven’t even told you the best part. If you are like me you have probably purchased a few other courses and you get part way through them and you get stuck because there is something you don’t quite understand. Frustrating isn’t it? The worse part is you go to the people that sold you the course and you ask them and all they do is try to sell you something else.

Blogging Beginners will answer YOUR questions. That’s right as part of the membership you can request videos on anything that has to do with your blog and they will provide them not only for you but for all the members. So maybe you had a question and didn’t ask it the solution might show up because another member asked.

Now you are probably thinking this is another one of the $500 per month coaching services. Well, it is but it won’t cost you anywhere near $500 per month it won’t even cost you $100 per month or even $50 per month.

But because they do answer your questions membership is limited, they can’t answer 1000’s of question per week. I highly recommend that if you are serious about making money with a blog that you sign up while you can for their unbelievable price.


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