Here’s a quick way to add fresh content to your blogs while you are sleeping, on vacation, or building a new website.

Everyone knows how easy it is to get great search engine rankings with an up-to-date blog.

And you know what it takes to keep a blog updated. Especially if you are going to keep a regular schedule and update your blog, say, every 3 days.

That means you need to go into each blog account, copy and paste (or just plain write) your blog into the right box. Make sure that the title is entered correctly. Check to be sure that all of the formatting is right. Look at the tags – so your blog will be found by the spiders and show up in the right search. Check it all twice and then post it.

If you are really organized, you can save a bunch of blog posts as drafts. And then on the day you want it posted, you go back in, check it again, and then post it.

But, with Blogomator, now you can automate your blog posts and expand your blog Empire as simple as 1 – 2 – 3.

1 – This magical tool will scan your computer for articles and upload them – while you watch.

2 – Click on the articles you want posted.

3 – Pick your schedule to post and you are done!

Then just sit back, watch your blogs post and collect the money in your bank account.

Your blogs post according to your schedule, whether you are at your computer or relaxing on the beach in Monte Carlo. ;-)

Your blog posting just got easier.


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