I was taken by surprise at just how good Twitter Traffic Swarm is by John Ritz. John is a hot-shot copywriter, and I didn't realize he would take that talent and write a hefty ebook, and then go on to make NINE videos on the subject. This is the best Twitter information you can get for the money, at only $7.00 - truly an amazing find. BUT I do have a few things to say about it .. First here's the link..

First, here is what you get in the basic package, there is also a full RESELLERS pack as well for those who want that :

You get 1 introduction video
You get 7 more content filled videos
You get 1 bonus video once you buy this by registering
You get his masterfully written ebook as well
You get free updates by registering

The Pros : John takes his time with very relaxed clear, and easy to understand videos as he shows you how to Twitter "the right way". (more on that later) He shows you how to create an account from square-one, and takes you through all the basics, but almost immediately jumps into the various Twitter applications that will allow you to rapidly find a targeted list of Twitter followers.

John spends a lot of time in the ebook illustrating exactly what you should "tweet" if you want to do it right. That is, be respected to gain even more followers, and yet get your sales message out. He spends time on squeeze pages, to build your list, and even talks about gaining followers by holding contests.

The breadth and depth of what he teaches is incredible for the price, as he goes over some of the basic apps such as TweetDeck, but then shows you some of his favorites.

John trains you in the basics so well, that you will stay in good graces with Twitter AND your followers. He also provides some tools in the bonus video that will help you with getting a fancy Twitter background for your page, etc.

The Cons : John steers away from any black-hat methods of working Twitter, which was smart, but has a drawback. If you don't have the time to work up to the full use of Twitter communication back and forth with your followers, you need to learn a few short-cuts that John doesn't mention.

However, to be honest, if you don't know everything John is talking about first in THIS series of videos, it would be fruitless to take any shortcuts anyway, as you'll just get banned by Twitter, so you need to start here no matter which route you take!

Grab this 7 part video tutorial right now HERE . There's a Fast Action Bonus too :-)

Please Re-tweet this to your followers. They'll thank you for it.

TweetIt using MyTweetElite.com

TweetIt using MyTweetElite.com
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