Did you know TWITTER has been suspending THOUSANDS of accounts left and right in the past 3 weeks? There are a number of reasons why.

My buddy Todd Gross and a group of JV Partners put their Twitter accounts in jeopardy by taking their accounts to the limit. Indeed they lost some huge numbers of Twitter followers as these test accounts were shut down. HOWEVER, they learned exactly what YOU can do to make sure YOU don't lost YOUR Twitter account!

You've spent days, perhaps weeks tweaking and tuning and tweeting and just when you think you are finally "there" you suddenly find yourself GONE ! Yes, your Twitter account has been replaced with a nasty suspended message and your viewers are greeted by one of Twitter's sentinels.. "Who goes there ?" asks the Twitter owl...
How could this have happened ? You thought you did everything right..

Twitter Slapped is a short ebook that tells you exactly how to avoid the NEW wrath of Twitter so you can avoid being Twitter Slapped. Even if you are just a casual user you can get shut down in a hurry from one tiny mistake!

Don't get slapped by Twitter, get Twitter Slapped, the ebook instead..

Download Twitter Complete Guide now!


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