1) Go out and get as many followers as possible and then just promote yourself and not appear to take the slightest bit of interest in anyone else.

Firstly, getting as many followers as possible is not a good idea as you need followers generally interested in your niche to make money. Secondly, three golden rules of twitter attract,interact and give back - need I say more!

2) Only crank out content that is going to benefit you and no-one else. :p

That's not marketing, if you just cannot contain yourself and are slowly becoming addicted to tweeting, then do try and make it fresh, original and amusing.

3) Crank out link after link after link and you'll quickly get a reputation as a spammer ... undoing all your hard work building your followers up, best to mix up your general tweets (eg. add a few funny youtube videos, funny comments up about your day etc) then hit 'em with a link.

4) Assume everyone in the world wants your free e-book so promote the hell out it.
No. No. No. Remember marketing is giving the market what they want, not what you think they want.

5) If you're a business, forget that you finally have a chance to connect with your customer.

Sell, sell, sell. You can still build relationships with your customers with 140 character tweets. Don't believe me? Hehehe

6) Don't listen. There is no value in conversation.

Wrong - The key to marketing is listening to your customer and finding out their
needs. Then after you find out what their problems are and your ebook and/or affiliate links offers the solution then DO let them know about it. But please I implore you do not take action by adopting the approach in Number 7.

7) Automatically Direct Message people.

They'll never know the difference. If you do this you may as well buy a mailing list and spam the hell out of it with ACAI Berry emails or Timeshare Offers - yep i'm being spammed like crazy at the moment so I'm talking from experience! All the smart work you achieved by listening is just been completely undone by what is tantamount to a ferocious and unnecessary spam attack. Direct Messages need to be handled with care, used correctly they are a very powerful tool in your marketing arsenal - used incorrectly the damage done could be irretrievable

8) Don't bother replying to anyone's replies.

The fact someone has taken the time to reply to one of your tweets should mean something? Even if you don't know what to reply just tweet your appreciation
that they took some time out from their day to take some interest in you.

9) Only tweet your daily events, no matter how boring and uneventful they actually are. :p

Really, your yummy lunch experience is important. DULL! DULL! DULL! DULL! Be interesting, seriously, Social Media Marketing is a big party - have fun. If you must talk about food make it interesting e.g. how a bacon, creamed cheese and avacado on ciabatta is a marriage truly made in gastro-heaven. Just my personal opinion but do you see where I am coming from?

10) Bait and switch. Who cares? You'll never meet the person.

Please don't do this because you can sustain relationships using Twitter you just need to keep the communication channels open. Unsure how - it's all in THIS book.

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