Social marketing can be a pain sometimes. There really isn't any easy way to create controversy and conversation while making sales at the same time. I recently stumbled on this unique system that makes life a bit easier, called Twitter Snipe.

Twitter Snipe target users base on keywords, doesn't this make sense? Finding quick relevant users base on their conversation which is base on the keywords in the conversation! Did I lose you? What Twitter Snipe does is find relevant twitter followers at the keyword level!

This is just far better than those other programs out there, since all those other system just followers random users. Not useful I think.

Twitter Snipe is a revolutionary system and I am glad I actually stumbled on it.

Forgot to mention, Twitter Snipe is offerring a HUGE discount to the first 105 buyers. The way it works is on a tier system :

- first 45 buyers get $50 off!!!
- next 35 buyers get $40 off
- next 25 buyers get $30 off
- traditional discount is $20 off

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