You see, I had no idea that Twitter was anything more than a distraction, a time waster, a little bit of a nuisance really. After all what can you do with 140 characters? Not much!

Boy, was I wrong.

In today's fast-paced, completely wired world, we talk to our friends via e-mail and Skype in 140 characters or less with some change in return. It turns out 140 characters is just the right amount for being incredibly productive.

I'm a Twitter fan - big time! Now, that I know that I can be more productive with every Tweet, I'm jumping in with both feet.

You can too! And you don't have to worry about Twitter taking over your life. These apps help you stay in touch with the right tweeple (see, I've even got the lingo down now :) and the right topics. Some of these apps, like Tweetlater, will even bring the information to you so you don't have to go find it.

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