I have never found an easier way to communicate with people in a niche than this, you don't have the silly moderators of a forum, or the crippling costs of Adwords, the tedium of writing articles, none of that, I can log on and send a tweet in 30 seconds flat and have it reach thousands of people!

Don't believe me?

Here is what you could be learning just minutes from now!

* How to pimp your profile so you magnetically attract ANY person who comes to see more about you!

* How celeb hunting can get you a load of raving fans and turn you into the celebrity...

* The single biggest mistake people using Twitter for profits make, and how that will end up costing you money not making it (I've done it too!).

* The drop-dead gorgeous free application that sits on your desktop and filters out the 'tweets' from your friends so you don't miss a thing

* How to use Twitter to give you the most accurate and profitable research you've ever had, handed to you on a silver platter with a little napkin to wipe the drool off your face from the prospect of all that extra money...

* Techniques to build followers so fast I had to put a warning in there to pace yourself so Twitter doesn't think you are an automated robot!

* The three GOLDEN rules of Twitter that can make or break you...

* How to use subconscious marketing so that all the other marketers get called out for spam and your following just grows and grows!

* And so much more!

People are getting more and more followers every day!

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