Twitter has become all the rage in the social networking community. What started as a nifty way for friends to communicate with friends with the answer to a simple question, "What are you doing?", has blossomed into much more than a cute way to communicate. Internet marketers the world over are scrambling to create followers so they can market their wares using this fresh, new interface.

We have taken it a step further. We saw the potential of Twitter over a year ago and embarked on the daunting task of procuring the contact information thousands of twitters users the world over. In addition, we have logged this information in our double opt-in database and have been marketing to them directly, via email, for the past 3 months. The results have been phenomenal. Now it's time for us to share this success with you! We have created a double opt-in submission system that you can use to advertise your opportunities to our database of Twitterers! You don't even need a Twitter account to use our system because all the leg work is done for you. Imagine the potential of being able to send to Twitter users directly, bypassing Twitter altogether!

Our simple to use program allows you to enter your advertisement into our marketing interface to be forwarded to our database. You are not limited to 140 characters by our system as you would be directly sending via Twitter. You can even enter the URL of the program you're advertising along with an ad body up to 10,000 characters! Our results have been stupendous and yours could be too! Not only can you use our program to advertise your opportunities but you can also sell it to your friends and associates.

Join HERE the hordes of other marketers who will be clamoring to get their claws on this hot, new program and be the first in your circle of influence to reap the rewards!

TweetIt using

TweetIt using
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