Atomic Blogging by Alvin Phang is an extremely comprehensive bloging manual. It covers all aspect of blogging - you'll learn the technical details of starting and maintaining a blog, how to get traffic to your blog, and how to make money from this traffic.

Alvin Phang wanted to make sure that even a complete beginner can quickly create a blog and start getting traffic, so he's written Atomic Blogging in a very simple-to-understand language. He uses screen shots and step-by-step instructions to guide you every step of the way.

Some people will get Atomic Blogging simply because they want to know how to set up their first blog, and that's OK. But in today's world, with over a 100.000 blogs being created every day, the competition for traffic is immense. And this is where Atomic Blogging will probably be most helpful.

Alvin Phang goes into great detail on various tactics you can use to drive traffic to your site. You'll learn how to get your site indexed, how to generate thousands of links, pointing to your blog, how to achieve top positions in Google and Yahoo, and how to make sure your traffic is growing overtime.

Once you get people to your site, Atomic Blogging explains how to start making money of your blog. You can do this by selling your own products, by selling other people's products, by running ads on your site, or directing people to other sites. It doesn't matter if you're completely new to blogging or if you simply want to get better at it, Atomic Blogging package will show you what you need to know.

Alvin provides great information and tools to get your blog up and running. His video tutorials take you step by step through the set up. His commitment to his customers is #1 and he is always upgrading and improving his information both in the eBook and on his website.

Atomic Blogging is very recommended since it shows step by step via video tutorials on how to make money by blogging.


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