Google Adsense is truly one of the most amazing income sources on the Internet.

Simply paste some code into your web pages and Google will send you regular checks, without any of the usual hassles of making sales, keeping stock or supporting customers.

However there is still one big problem with Adsense - "Click Fraud".

Click fraud occurs when someone tries to CHEAT Google by clicking on the Adsense links on his or her own site in order to generate extra income.

This is, of course, very easy to do and usually takes the form of repeated clicks coming from the same PC.

Understandably, Google is very concerned about this and regularly checks Adsense accounts for signs of suspicious activity.If you've never tried to cheat Google in this way, you may be thinking that this problem has nothing to do with you.

Hopefully you are right. However you should be aware that there are many reports on the Internet of Adsense accounts being suspended or closed because of "suspicious activity", even though the person involved has never tried to cheat Google.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

Well now, with our brand new Adsense Click Protector software, you can protect your Adsense account automatically.

The software :

1. Powerful Protection Prevents Repeat Clicks On Your Ads

You select a maximum number of Adsense ads that each visitor can click on. You can select any number from 1 upwards. Once a visitor has clicked on that number of ads, ALL Adsense ads on ALL your web pages are automatically hidden from that visitor.

2. Show Replacement Ads Automatically

Obviously once your Adsense ads are hidden, you can no longer generate income from Adsense on your web pages. You don't want to miss out on valuable revenues, so the software doesn't just hide your Adsense ads, it replaces them with alternatives ads.
You can show replacement ads for Amazon, Overture, Clickbank or anything else you want.

3. Secondary Protection For Increased Security

Adsense Click Protector incorporates a second protection solution. For example, if you only allow a maximum of 3 page views, each visitor can only ever possibly click on a maximum of 3 Adsense ads. This solution is activated on your web server (rather than inside the visitor's browser), so it is much less dependant on the features of the browser being used.

All it takes is one person clicking repeatedly on your ads and your entire Adsense income could disappear forever.

The software comes with my cast iron 60-day, no risk, 100% money-back guarantee...

Download Adsense Click Protector HERE

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