Referring to my earlier postings on this AWESOME viral software called TweeterGetter... today there's a lot of huu - haas in the tweets on how and why this viral program sucks and how TweeterGetter is "prostituting" twitter !?!?

TweeterGetter = Fails ?!?! I DO NOT think so.

Twitter is built on the concept “What are you doing now?”. All you have to do is tell as many people as possible what the answer to that question is. When you visit the Twitter website, you’ll soon see that it’s all about staying in touch.

So, why do you need to join ?

1. To get connected
2. Staying in touch
3. Raising and branding your profile online
4. A marketing tool

TweeterGetter is a tool to accelerate you getting followers and thus, build the relationship ( getting connected, staying in touch ....)

If you follow somebody ( getting connected ) and later decide he/she does not give value to you or their tweets are not what you expected, you can always UN-FOLLOW them. ;-)

It doesn’t matter how many people choose to follow me, it’s all about how many I RETAIN, and that will ONLY happen via quality tweeting and being in touch! ;-)

Get the Viral Tweeter Getter NOW and it's FREE ! ;-)

For those who DO NOT have Twitter Account yet, do sign up and start getting followers.

I am FOR these Awesome Viral program and give TWO THUMBS UP for the creator of it !

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