What is Twitter ?

Twitter is based around a very simple concept, based on one question, pure and simple:

“What are you doing now?”

All you have to do is tell as many people as possible what the answer to that question is.

When you visit the Twitter website, you’ll soon see that it’s all about staying in touch. But this isn’t the kind of website that gives you free rein to say whatever you want and spend as long as you like on every post you make.

Twitter is all about brevity. It’s all about giving people the basics without bogging them down with the ‘too much information’ syndrome.


That’s it—that’s all you’ve got to play with on Twitter each time you want to get in touch with your followers and tell people what’s going on with your business and your life.

So, why do you need to join ?

1. To get connected

Twitter makes it easy to put yourself and your business in front of the kind of people you want to get in touch with. Every time you send a fresh tweet it will appear in the public timeline, which is basically a scrolling record of every single tweet sent out by all the members of Twitter all over the world.

The good news is that the website gives you all the tools you need to draw attention to your profile. But there are other ways to start using Twitter. You don’t just have to tell people what you are doing; people are also using the site to ask questions, ask for advice and even network
with other like minded people with the intention of forming a business relationship later on.

2. Staying in touch

Twitter isn’t just about letting people know what you are about and what you’re up to; it’s also about finding other like minded people and following them too. Staying in touch couldn’t be easier as you can follow those Twitterers you are interested in and receive updates as and
when they post a new update. Once you have found someone you like, all you need to do is hit the Follow button and wait for updates as and when they post them. Of course, the more people you can get to follow you the better.

3. Raising and branding your profile online

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get your name out there and spread the word about what you’re doing, Twitter certainly fills that need. You can pick any username you like—as
long as someone else hasn’t already taken in—so think about using your business name if you are mainly going to use the site to promote your business.( You can use URLs in your tweets !!)

You also stand a chance of getting more followers to a well maintained and thought out stream of tweets than you will to your regular blog—precisely because it’s short and sweet.

4. A marketing tool

You can customize your own personal Twitter page to include your own business colors and photo—so it’s super easy to upload your business logo and create a background that instantly identifies you and your business and makes you stand out from the crowd.

You want to promote yourself and your business, right? Okay, so although Twitter doesn’t like you promoting your wares heavily through your tweets, it doesn’t mind you sticking to the subject your business and interests are all about. For example let’s say you have a website which sells pet accessories. You wouldn’t promote items directly from your tweets; instead you could share a few bizarre facts and figures about animals through your tweets. It should be something interesting that will entice people to read more of your updates and maybe even sign on as a follower.

Don’t forget that it’s really not necessary to sell directly via your Twitter updates anyway, since your profile page will include your website address for everyone to click on and visit. Twitter is pretty easy to get the hang of, so even newcomers will see your website address and are very likely to click through for a look see if they read and enjoy your updates.

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