You certainly have a lot more freedom with your blog since you can pretty much write posts as long as you like. Some people have been known to write blog posts that could quite easily have been sold as e-books! There’s certainly no way you could do that with your tweets.

So what's the point of twittering ?

With updates that are so short is there anything you can say that is worthwhile? That is a valid point, but if you ever find yourself thinking that then you’re missing the whole point of Twitter.

1. A tool that allows you to get in touch with anyone else on the web.

It also appeals to all those people who simply don’t have the time to keep up with a blog—however well it might be written. The basic premise is this—write the best
tweets you can come up with, give people the URL to your blog or website in your profile, and let them decide whether they want to read more or not.

2. Provides an easy access point as far as many of your potential readers are concerned.

If you’ve ever been browsing around the web and come across a blog on a subject you’re interested in, how long do you give it before you get bored and move on to something else?

3. An opportunity to pre-sell your blog or website without actually selling anything.

Someone can come across your profile, take a quick glance at all your tweets and decide then and there whether they want to follow you or not. Or maybe even jump over to your blog or website.
If you’re on Twitter to promote your business, think of each tweet you send out as a headline. Don’t forget the golden rule not to overly plug your business all the time. Instead, think about some ways that you can get people interested in you and what you’re tweeting about.

Tips : Rather than include a long blog post URL in your update, go to and shrink your URL down to save on characters. It’s quick and easy and you don’t need to sign up for anything either. Oh, and it’s free.

4. Twitter can act as a forerunner to your blog

It can be a flag waver to get people’s attention before funneling them over to where you want them to go. It also establishes a link with people in a very non-threatening way. You’re effectively saying, “Hey look, I wrote a new blog post today. See what you think . . .” and then handing the reins over to them.

Tips : If you are on Twitter with the intention of building up another stream of traffic and finding new readers for your blog, make sure you post a tweet to announce each new blog post,and give readers something intriguing to chew over while they click your link to visit the blog itself.

So, NO — Twitter won’t and shouldn’t replace the standard blog. It should go hand in hand with it, and those who really understand that link will do well with both.

Tweet for now.... ;-)

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