The great benefit of Twitter is that it attracts all kinds of people from all walks of life, who all have different reasons and motivations for using the website.
You’ll soon find you start to link up with and follow people who are interested in the same subjects you are, and then they’ll start following you.

1. Branding your business on twitter

As a Twitterer you can ensure you become known for tweeting on a specific subject which is related to your business. In this way you will automatically start to get involved with other people on the site who think the same way you do.

You can also brand yourself by personalizing your profile page on Twitter. You can’t do anything too profound to it but what you can do is enough to really make you stand out.

If you are on Twitter for the express purpose of promoting your business, the best
picture to use is one of your logo. It should be a clear one though as the actual picture will be quite small on your screen. Photos don’t work as well.

Tips : A well written tweet will always attract their attention if you continue to be a regular face on the site.

2. Generating traffic

- Put the website address of the site you want to drive traffic to in your profile column—everyone will be able to see this whenever they visit your page

- Concentrate on building up a large number of followers. The more people who know about you and what you’re about, the more people you will get clicking through to
your website

- When you post an update, include a link to another website or blog, providing a direct link to it in the process.

The best results for traffic building on Twitter will be seen over the long term. It’s vital to understand that you can’t just sign up,start tweeting and expect traffic for your website to go through the roof as a result. It needs a little effort from you first.

Build your followers over time and you’ll find your traffic builds over time too. So long as you concentrate on making sure all your tweets are of excellent quality and relevant to your area of business, you will find that the traffic tends to take care of itself.

Tips : is a directory for twitter users, which you can add yr name to the directory and get found or find others like you !

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