Follow me on Twitter and I'll follow you back

See you in 2009 ! Best regards and Start twittering now .... twitt...twitt... Happy New Year !!

DO… bring real value to your followers.
DON’T… self-aggrandize or say things you’ll regret later.

DO… follow the people who follow you.
DON’T… follow spammers and bots. It’s embarrassing and inauthentic.

DO… interact with your followers. Generate authentic conversations.
DON’T… use an auto responders or ignore direct questions from followers.

DO… welcome new followers with a personal, private response.
DON’T… issue a public, blanket “Welcome to all my new followers!” It’s impersonal, gaudy, and brings no value to anyone.

DO… add your Twitter profile link to your outgoing email and blog posts/comments.
DON’T… forget to cross-link your Twitter profile to your business site, and vice-versa.

Happy New Year !


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