Agitate means to give motion to or to move with irregular or violent action. To arouse public feeling.

Advertise means to make something known publicly. To announce by notice or broadcast. To arouse a desire for action.

Adgitize then is to arouse our customers to action. To get people to take action by writing in their blog, by visiting other blogs and by clicking on ads.

Why Adgitize ?

I think as a good blogger, we do three things; write as often as we can, visit other blogs, reading and commenting and drive new traffic and more traffic to our blog. Thus, why not get reward for the things we do everyday.

When a visitor to your blog clicks one of the ads and signs up as an Adgitize member then you will be listed as their "sponsor". If they place an ad on the Agitize Network then you will be paid a one time finders fee of $5 for referring them. You will also be paid $1 for every month they continue to advertise on the Adgitize Network.It is an alternative to monetize your blog and get rewarded to the things you do daily.

Get Adgitize, join NOW.

Adgitize your web site.


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